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We strive to make your experience with Third Age Skincare as enjoyable as possible. To that end, we have provided these quick and easy links to the most commonly asked questions. Of course, if you are unable to find the information you need, please feel free to Contact Us - we're happy to help. Thank you for your business!
  • Which Third Age Skin Care Product should I try first?
    Of course we think you should try them all! But read each one and see what suits your needs most. Our two most popular products are Third Age Skin Care Boost Stick and Third Age Skin Care NR8 Formula Skin Conditioner.
  • Should I try Third Age Skin Care Products if I have sensitive skin?
    If you know that you have very sensitive skin, We recommend that before you try our products, take the list of our ingredients to your doctor and make sure you're not allergic to any of them. Also remember you can try them and if you experience any issues you can return them for a full refund (less s&h). If you decide to try our products, do a small test first. Apply a little to your wrist or arm before putting any on your face to make sure you don't have a reaction.
  • Can I wear foundation with Third Age Skin Care products?
    Foundation is tricky as we get older. Powder-based ones are not good for our complexions as we get older.

    Foundation was designed to even out skin tone. However, it can actually make wrinkles, crow's feet and lines stand out more.

    We recommend no foundation but if you are going to, use one that is cream-based. Choose one that matches your skin tone. Best way is to try a small amount. If you can't see it on your face, that's the one!

    Here's the best way to use foundation with Third Age Skin Care products: first use your Third Age Skin Care NR8 Skin Conditioner so that your skin can absorb the nutrients and benefits from the ingredients. After a few minutes of letting it absorb into your skin, apply your foundation.

    Then continue with Third Age Skin Care Renew Stick, Third Age Skin Care Boost Stick, Third Age Skin Care Shimmer Stick
  • How Can the Boost Stick work with all skin tones?
    It wasn't easy, but we went through painstaking testing to get the color and ingredients just right. The formula of Boost Color Stick is designed to enhance and boost your skin tone for a radiant, natural look... no matter if you have porcelain or chocolate skin!

    Try it for yourself! Remember we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee That You Will Love Our Third Age Skin Care Products... each and every one of them.
  • Are your products animal tested, or do they contain any harmful ingredients?
    We guarantee that NONE of our products or any of the ingredients in our products have been animal tested.

    Our products are gluten free and we use no GMO ingredients. They also contain no phthalates, parabens, binders or added ingredients.

    We are very proud of the quality of our products, and you can know that we take the greatest care in their manufacturing.
  • Is your website secure?
    You can get information on our Security Policy here.
  • What credit cards do you accept?
    We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All payments are in US funds only and will not be billed until the time of shipment.

    * Please take note that you will also see us listed on your credit card statement under our website name
  • Do you take PayPal?
    Yes we do! You will see the PayPal payment option when you check out. However, we do not receive your Billing and Shipping information from PayPal so we need you to provide that information to us please.

    (Sorry, we cannot process PayPal orders over the phone)
  • Can I pay by check or money order?
    You can get information on Paying by Check here.
  • Can I place my order by phone?
    Sure, again our website is safe & secure but if you prefer to order by phone we completely understand and are available to take your order at 800-548-6868. Phone orders can be placed 24 hours - Every Day. (please have your credit card ready when calling).
  • Why am I being charged Sales Tax?
    In June 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that physical presence in a state is no longer required for sellers to be obligated to collect and remit sales tax. Many states have since enacted "remote seller" laws. Third Age Skincare is required to collect and remit sales tax to the following states:
    • Arizona (AZ)
    • Arkansas (AR)
    • California (CA)
    • Colorado (CO)
    • Connecticut (CT)
    • Florida (FL)
    • Georgia (GA)
    • Hawaii (HI)
    • Illinois (IL)
    • Indiana (IN)
    • Iowa (IA)
    • Kansas (KS)
    • Kentucky (KY)
    • Louisiana (LA)
    • Maine (ME)
    • Maryland (MD)
    • Massachusetts (MA)
    • Michigan (MI)
    • Minnesota (MN)
    • Nebraska (NE)
    • Nevada (NV)
    • New Jersey (NJ)
    • New Mexico (NM)
    • New York (NY)
    • North Carolina (NC)
    • North Dakota (ND)
    • Ohio (OH)
    • Oklahoma (OK)
    • Pennsylvania (PA)
    • Rhode Island (RI)
    • South Carolina (SC)
    • South Dakota (SD)
    • Tennessee (TN)
    • Texas (TX)
    • Utah (UT)
    • Vermont (VT)
    • Virginia (VA)
    • Washington (WA)
    • Washington D.C. (DC)
    • West Virginia (WV)
    • Wisconsin (WI)
    • Wyoming (WY)
  • Why am I being charged Tax on shipping?
    Some states say shipping is taxable, others say it's not. When shipping and handling fees are combined as a single charge; they ARE taxable.
  • How does Third Age Skincare ship its orders?
    Below is a listing of our current shipping methods:
    (During the Christmas Season other options may become available)

    Estimated Time (business days)
    Standard Mail 5-10 days
    USPS Priority Mail 3-5 days
    FedEx Ground 3-7 days
    FedEx International Priority 7-10 days
    FedEx Rush 2-3 days
    Canada 7-18 days
    International Shipping 4-6 weeks

    Provided that the items are in stock, most orders will ship within 1-2 business days.

    For orders outside of the United States:
    • Please note that all payments are in US funds only.
    • Our Shipping and Handling costs do not include any additional Customs and/or Duties that may be charged by your local government. Please check local laws and limitations where applicable before making your ordering decision.
    • Unfortunately, there are a limited number of countries we are currently unable to ship to outside the US due to a history of either high credit card fraud or poor postal delivery results.

  • What is your Privacy Policy?
    You can get information on our Privacy Policy here.
  • I completed my order but did not receive an email confirmation?
    You should receive an email confirmation within an hour of placing your order. Not having received this email could indicate a problem receiving your order. Your confirmation email comes from so first check your junk or bulk folder to see if it was delivered there by accident. You can click here to Create a Customer Service Ticket with your SL-XXXXXXXX confirmation number to request another copy. (please allow One (1) business day for a response from our Order Desk). You will automatically receive a separate shipment confirmation email to let you know when your order is on the way.
  • Why did I receive more than 1 email confirmation?
    Please disregard any additional confirmation emails received with the EXACT same SL-XXXXXXXX confirmation number shown. This will not cause order duplication and we apologize for any confusion. Should you receive a legitimate duplicate (two different confirmation numbers), please forward one of them to our for review as soon as possible to prevent duplication.
  • What is your Return Policy?
    You can get information on Returning A Product here.
  • What do I do if my order is incomplete, incorrect or damaged?
    In the rare event that your order should arrive either incomplete, incorrect, or damaged we do guarantee we will promptly correct it for you. Just contact Customer Service below with the details and be sure to include your order number. You can get more information on Correcting An Order here.
  • What is this California Prop 65 all about?


If the above information still does not answer your question, you can Contact our Customer Service Department here. We will get back to you as quickly as possible but please allow 1 business day to receive your response.

Or if you need immediate help you can contact us Toll Free by calling:


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